Have you heard about the Clubhouse app? Have you used it?

Oh yeah, these are the many questions I have encountered during the past months. So, I thought it fit to see if the Clubhouse social media app is worth downloading?

I’ll tell you how I’ve found this app, and should you get it or not? Let’s see what my discoveries are.

Clubhouse App: Full Review

By now, a conversation platform of Millions of people in need of quality connections, Clubhouse is a hot cake for every iPhone user. Yet, my review will not be about what features will inspire you more or what problems you can face with the app launch on your phone. Instead, I’ll be reviewing the app as an audio-sharing app — the best part.

What Is Clubhouse App (VideoGuide)

What Is Clubhouse App

How Clubhouse Works

Before going through the potential benefits, let’s explore how the app works.

●   Get the Clubhouse Invite and Join

As an iPhone user, you can just download the app like any other social media app from your App store and get into it? NNNNO!

You can only join the clubhouse if somebody, already in the Clubhouse, sends you an invitation, and you accept it. It’s why the Clubhouse invites are on sale as well — a joke, though confirmed.

You can download the app and use that invite phone number to enter the world of audio connection. However, if you get some awful experience with the app, it can be because you have downloaded a WRONG APP. Get the right one.

●   Complete your Profile

You need not upload an audio introduction to complete your profile on Clubhouse. You do it merely like other famous social media apps by uploading a catchy profile picture and an interesting bio to catch followers.

●   Explore, follow and get Followers

As soon as you are in the app, you can explore various Open Rooms on several topics. So, you can join E-Commerce, Fashion, or Tech, etc., according to your interest.

Once joined, you can engage in listening to the folks on the stage. You can also “Raise Hand” to share your ideas if the moderator allows.

You can search for people using a search bar. You can follow and also get followers as you do on Instagram, according to your interest.

By following the people, you get access to the rooms of their interests as well. Connecting with people on Clubhouse allows you to follow them on their Twitter or Instagram account under the “Let’s connect” section.

●   Start Room: Get Control on Social Conversation

Starting room on the Clubhouse lets you have multiple options:

  1. Have an open room option with more freedom to let anyone join your conversation on specific topics.
  2. Can have a Social Room to invite your circle to the Clubhouse.
  3. A closed room lets you have a group of specific people in your conversation, like a conference call.
  4. You may schedule rooms in the Clubhouse or have a spontaneous room and choose a moderator too.

Moderations of Clubhouse rooms

Social media platforms are always risky for people to express their opinion there. The same can be with the audio app with a little risk.


Inside a room, the moderators can allow people to be on the stage. Thus, curation is on a micro-level. You might not need to report an unwanted event to the higher authorities soon.

Your Individual Safety on Clubhouse

How much safer the Clubhouse is? Do you think I should tell you that the Clubhouse is as secure as other mega social media platforms? Ironically, it’s not so?

The Clubhouse is much safer, for nobody is sharing text, video, and photos. Thus, everyone connects with no care of color or creed. Similarly, moderation has better control as well.

Who can I join the Clubhouse? Why for iPhone users only?

Do you think only an iPhone user can join Clubhouse? No, soon, it’s going to be available for Android users too. iPhone has been a success of $1billion in value and over 8 million downloads.

A similar success story it’ll be. The reason is, the app is for human beings. So it is making sure of a gradual entrance to avoid multiple accounts and bots too.

The Clubhouse as a Lovely Stage of Connection Hungry Ghosts

“If you have fear, close your eyes. Now no-one will watch you. So speak out.” Can you recall that feeling of judgment and a wish to be a ghost instead???

The sense of remaining unseen brings excellent comfort for individuals. Thus, they feel less judged. The same is at the app of Clubhouse.

Even those who have never been rhetoric on other platforms feel much more comfortable. Because no one will test their looks. In contrast, they might fall in love with your voice.

So, anyone in need of connection gets voice intimacy. Hence, Clubhouse can also be a great dating app. It’s a mentor for lonely souls, a business app to host e-commerce stages, and inspiration from the influencers.

No Faking, the Real you: Connection of Minds and Souls

The idea of Clubhouse has received massive acceptance because that humankind has longed for being the way they are. They have been sick of faking on other social media platforms. So, if genuineness has got great value in your heart, the Clubhouse is the perfect place for you.

The Clubhouse as an Eco-friendly app

Efforts to inspire people through personal or impersonal visual content have created pollution on social media platforms. The brilliant minds have, therefore, aimed to eliminate that pollution by letting the rich thoughts emerge.

The app is a big step towards HUMAN connection to bring a genuine sense of connectivity to the surface.

The Clubhouse App Invite on Sale!!!

A fascinating feature of the Clubhouse is its invite feature. You can invite 1-2 people from your phone contacts on the Clubhouse social media platform.

Pleasingly, the invites are also on sale. Then, why not join such a charming place? However, you need not buy it, ask your friend for it?

The Clubhouse: New Era of Deeper Connectivity

The fame of the clubhouse doesn’t lie for its being an invitation-based app. It’s the most profound. Soul-sucking social media apps have already devastated people who have joined them to seek connection, ending in more anxiety is there. Therefore, people have run towards the audio-based Clubhouse app, thinking of it as a saviour. So, the time’s right now to up-level your relationships globally to listen and be listened to.

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