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Is Samsung s20 worth it? Reasons to Buy Samsung s20

Samsung has made yet another step in the history of mobile phones. Samsung s20 launched on February 11, 2020, with a new page in the future. The Galaxy s20 is genuinely a new leap in mobile phone history. Because of its unique features and capabilities, it has attracted the attention of people all over the world. Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 +, and S20 Ultra come in three variants. The S20 Ultra models come with 5G technology, while the S20 and S20 + models come in both LTE and 5G variants.

samsung s20,samsung s20 plus,samsung s20 ultra
samsung s20,samsung s20 plus,samsung s20 ultra

Which Galaxy s20 Series models are available with 5G?

Samsung S20 does not have 5G on all models. But you can buy all models as LTE or 5G, except the Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra. You will see it clearly by reading the details below.

Which Galaxy s20 Series models are available with 5G
Which Galaxy s20 Series models are available with 5G

What size is the Samsung s20?

You might think that the length, width, and screen size of the Samsung s20 is the same. But that is not the case. Only the Samsung Galaxy S20plus S 20 plus 5G stays the same shape. galaxy s20 Length, width and height 6.37 x 2.90 x 0.3 inches, galaxy s20 5G is 5.97 x 2.72 x 0.31 inches. galaxy s 20 + and galaxy s 20+ 5G Length, width and height are similar, it is 6.37 x 2.90 x 0.31inches. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is slightly different, having a length, width, and height of 6.57 x 2.99 x 0.35 inches. The frame is aluminum, and it is the same in all models. With Gorilla Glass 6, the front and rear glass of all models are more protected.

samsung s 20 display size

One of the things that adds value to a mobile phone is its screen. Most people care about the screen. All phone companies are more interested in improving the phone screen. As a result, every new phone screen comes with new features. Samsung seems to be developing it faster. The Galaxy s20, s20 5G, s20 +, s20 + 5G and s20 Ultra all come with 1440 x 3200 resolution with 16M colors. Dynamic AMOLED 2X has this screen as a new feature. Dynamic AMOLED came out with the previously released Samsung S10 and Samsung Note 10 smartphones. AMOLED 2X will be launching with the s20 this year.

What processor does the Galaxy s20 have?

The s20 has the highest octa-core 2×2.73 GHz speed Samsung has ever produced. Experience the superb graphic with the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset and Adreno 650 GPU. Supergraphic games are no more a dream. Not surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy s /20 series, developed with the latest android 10, is very appealing. Now you can enjoy all the new android 10 features hot.

How many cameras does the s20 have?

samsung s20 camera
samsung s20 camera

Most people in the world are looking for more than just a call from a smartphone. Some use it as a camera, and others prefer to surf the Internet. The world is changing more than we thought. No one likes using a smartphone with a low-quality camera. That’s why we think twice about the camera before buying a phone. What do you think of the s20 camera? See for yourself below and decide for yourself.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20

Main Camera 64 MP Triple Camera – Selfie Camera 10 MP Dual

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 +

Main Camera 64 MP -Triple Camera – Selfie Camera 10 MP Dual

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Main Camera 108 MP Quad Camera – Selfie Camera 40 MP Dua

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs S20 Plus Camera Quality.

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs S20 Plus Camera Comparison Test

SamsungGalaxy s20 speaker quality

Who doesn’t like to hear the super quality sound? I think anyone wants it. You can also listen to high-quality audio with stereo speakers. You get USB-C in-ear AKG headphones, and you know it by hearing the AKG name. The 3.5mm jack is not visible on Galaxy s20 models. Galaxy s20 models do not come with 3.5mm jack ports.

How long does the s20 battery last?

The battery is similar to the heart of the phone. Every phone manufacturer does many tests to improve the battery. Consumers are also more interested in battery life before buying a smartphone. Other than the s20 ultra, it comes with a 25W fast charger. The s20 comes with an ultra 45W fast charger. It comes with USB Type C to Type C charging and data transmission cable.

Samsung Galaxy S20Li-Po 4000 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S20 +Li-Po 4500 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraLi-Po 5000 mAh
How long does the s20 battery last

How much is the Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra?

After reading all the details, you will be wondering which model you should buy. If you choose according to your budget. I recommend Samsung s 20 or s20 5G. There is little difference in price between the two s20 and s20 + models. Therefore, I think buying s20 plus is better than buying s20. But if you are thinking of camera quality, battery life, and speed, the galaxy s20 Ultra is a must buy.

Galaxy S20$819
Galaxy S20 +$919
Galaxy S20 Ultra$1179
S20 Ultra vs S20 Plus price

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