OnMyWay app
OnMyWay app

Sounds too good to be true? But, yes, the OnMyWay app pays you for driving safely without using your phone while driving! People are so addicted to their phones, so it has become a common habit to use phones while driving. Too many accidents are happening all around the world because of this deadly habit. We think that we are too handy with the phone so we can concentrate on driving while texting or scrolling down. You will be too late when things get out of hand in milliseconds. So, to encourage drivers to drive safely, the OnMyWay app is introduced to drivers. The app promises to pay you for keeping your phone down while driving. This seems a really good approach to address the issue we discussed. Yet, there are a few things you need to know about this app. Let’s dig in a bit more to avoid disappointments.

How does the OnMyWay app work?

OnMyWay app pays you in OnMyWay Cash. That basic fact is vital to understand before complaining. The app says that it pays you $0.05 OnMyWay cash per mile, which you drive ‘safely’ with your locked-down phone. It is a kind of reward system where you can earn rewards for safe driving. The app initiates automatically when you reach above 10 miles per hour speed. It tracks your phone’s behavior. Though the app disables app alerts and text messaging, you still can answer the phone via in-car Bluetooth in urgent situations. To earn more OnMyWay money, you can send referrals to your friends. For each new referral, you can earn $2.00.

How can you actually receive the money you earned?

You need to link your bank details to your OnMyWay account at the beginning. Then you can use the money to get access to featured offers in the app. Use your linked card to buy the featured stuff. And then, the app will transfer the amount to your bank account in two weeks’ time. That is how it works. So, in the bottom line, you cannot get real cash to hand equal to your earned OnMy Way money just by using the app. There is one way to redeem you the rewards you get in cash. For that, you must refer to 250 users! Yes, that is how you could make real cash out of OnMyWay. So, you have to spend the OnMyWay app cash out on the offers and deals they offer if you cannot reach this referral goal.

OnMyWay app reviews
OnMyWay app reviews

The app developers are adding more and more deals and offer to cater to their app users’ requirements. You can visit OnMyWay app reviews to see the feedback of its users on this OnMyWay app cash out process.

Is OnMyWay app Legit?

The whole concept of this app is serving a great purpose. It rewards its users for their safe driving, and that is a very positive impact on society. If you do not confuse between OnMyWay cash with real money, you will not get disappointed about this app. Among the OnMyWay app reviews, you may see some people complaining about them giving false promises on paying. So, the company is now using a new marketing strategy to make people understand more about the positive impact and rewards of using this app.

It promises to keep all your data safe and secure with them. You need to scan your license, give bank details, and some other information to get started with the app. The app also tracks your location and your way of using the phone while driving. So, there are some privacy concerns indeed. After considering the privacy concerns, you can decide whether to install this app and get the rewards or not. OnMyWay app is available for both Android and iOS via Google Play and App Store. However, the app has a lot of potentials to grow. And the developers may be able to give you real cash in the future. Till then, you can use this app to keep you motivated to drive safely and to enjoy the rewards.

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