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Through the years, in the office environment, the way we work or collaborate with each other has drastically changed. There are new ways to communicate with each other in an organizational team that works together. Traditional methods of a typical office environment are changing with modern technology and information. Microsoft Teams is such a workspace software that makes excellent team space online, bringing together easy and creative team communication. Microsoft Teams online is outstanding for teams who are based in large companies, and also for teams having remote employees working together on a similar project. Making things more convenient for the team members, Microsoft Teams has launched their Microsoft Teams app version too.

No matter how far you are from your real office desk, Microsoft Teams app will keep you involved and updated with your team. This app is a part of the Microsoft group, which makes it more valuable and efficient getting your work done. So, you are able to share and access your information and communication through Office 365 and Microsoft Graph as well. In this article, we will briefly discuss the app features and its download.

microsoft teams features

This app offers a versatile communication experience throughout your teamwork. Microsoft Teams app stands out among its competitors because of these thoughtful features.

  • Teams- Teams are made up of channels, which can be general channels or private channels.
  • Inside channels, the members can share files, hold meetings, and have conversations.
  • Can schedule meetings with the team members syncing with Outlook calendar.
  • Ability to meet anywhere.
  • Can chat with the team from anywhere
  • Call from anywhere takes that conference call stress away!
  • Instant access between the group chat and video conferencing
  • It can make teams of 10 or 10,000!
  • Video, audio and web conferencing
  • Have access to SharePoint online to store documents
  • Screen sharing
  • Easy chat search
  • Customizable to suit your organization and team
  • Private and secure conversations

Above are only some of the key features of the Microsoft Teams app. This app has a high demand in the business field because it is very straightforward, effective, and user-friendly. It is pretty simple to understand the process of using the desktop and mobile versions both.

Microsoft teams download

You can download the Microsoft Teams app for Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Android devices. The app is free to download. However, to run the app, you need a Microsoft Teams free or trial subscription or Office 365- paid commercial subscription. When you have Microsoft Teams download in your mobile device, you have your whole project team with you. Access to all the Microsoft Teams meetings

conversations, shared files, schedules, and all the other important information are just at your fingertips! The app comes with enterprise-level security, so all your information is protected.

There is a Microsoft Teams free version to start with. The free version offers a decent set of tools to continue your business through the app without a hassle. Then as you grow, you can move to a full-featured version to enjoy all the amazing features it is offering.

Microsoft Teams app is a great platform to continue and maintain communication whenever wherever you are. You can stay up to date with the teamwork through unlimited chats, video conferencing and meetings. It is your perfect online hub for teamwork!

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