Playing mobile games had become a lifestyle and hobby for millions of people. And you have millions of mobile game options in both Play Store and App Store. And then you confuse about choosing and downloading the best one. So, we are going to support you in deciding the best one. Here is a brief explanation of one of the top apps in both the App Store and the Game Store. It is Homescapes mobile game. Let’s go!

Quick comb about the application

Homescapes is a free download mobile gaming application introduced by the Playrix Games Company On September 29 in 2017. It is an offline and single-player game. Minimum software requirements for install and play this game are iOS 8.0 or later for iPhones and Android 4.0.3 or later for Android devices. It is a usually updating app. At the time of writing this article, its lass update was within back to 10 days. 

We can put it on the puzzle games category. But it is not an ordinary puzzle game. The download size of the application is 140 MB. Play store shows, it has over billions of downloads via Play store. It ranked in the third position on the top-grossing game on Play store with the push of editor’s choice badge. While being free to download and play the game, it has in-app purchases.

Concept of Homescapes Game

This is an animated video type mobile game with puzzles. The main character of the game is Austin. The thing you have to do is, support him to make colorful and valuable changes to his childhood home. Because he feels his childhood home is not as delightful as the past. You can earn stars by playing simple puzzle game by matching items like “candy crush”. And you can use starts for new home items and cleaning the house.

 Homescapes game
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Interesting continuing of the game

Let’s see how it works for beginners and others for continuing the game. Beginners no need to match items in a puzzle box for taking new decoration items. They can use items by double-tapping on each. When you pass a few levels, you have to take decoration items by solving puzzles. You can continue by purchasing, without solving puzzles as well. But, we would like to recommend do puzzles and continue the game for save money and have fun.

Things you need to know before installing Homescapes Game

Most of the players in this game are children between 4 and 15 age. So, parents must have a clear idea and trust in the game which their child plays. And teenagers or elders who play this game also must know something about the game before installing it.
Homescapes is a simple match-3 puzzle game comprises of a home decorating simulator. There is no objectionable content like violence and scariness, sexy stuff or drinks, drugs, and smoking. Anyone can play this game without any linguistic regress. It not uses words or sentences and uses only animated content to continuing the game. Like all other gaming applications, Homescapes also promote and tantalize you to stay with the game, upgrade the game, and level up.

In-app purchases of Homescapes game

As mentioned above, this app is free to install and play. But there is a chance to continue the game, buy power items, or easily level up the game by purchasing for it. Anyone can use real money and cryptocurrencies to purchase in the app. But, purchasing for the above features is not the only way to continue the game. You can earn free stars and pay starts for the above features. 

Something to learn from Homescapes game

It is good to learn some habits and skills for children. They can learn about how to help parents to stay home clean or their room clean. It skills up thinking and boosts the brain by solving puzzles. They would learn about money management and parents can discuss it with kids. But, finally, we would like to say, be care full to let kids play mobile games under a limit.

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