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Have you recently noticed many familiar old faces throughout social media platforms? Did you have a feeling of time traveling? All your friends and followers have downloaded the face aging app into their mobile phones. This Face Aging App went viral as a fad and the fantastic features doing visual tricks to your portraits. As many celebrities were posting their old faces all of a sudden, the popularity of the app boomed. The FaceApp online challenge made everyone try this crazy app. The face app can make you 30 years older. Yeah, you can see your future self through this app.

Amazing, right?

The app can also make you look much younger. But the older version is much fun.

After using the FACE APP, face change is young to old.

Face Aging App Download

FaceApp download is available free for both iPhones and Android phones. Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to try this app yourself. Won’t it be amazing to see your 60-year-old face while you are still 30? This face aging app works with Artificial Intelligence to create your looks, and this AI outcome is much more realistic. Every time it goes viral, the app is having new features and improvements than before. It allows you to style yourself more with hairstyles, beard variations, and other crazy tools.

FaceApp free download is the basic version of the app. It has 21 free filters. The free version shows many in-app purchases in it to try. The FaceApp Pro version has some extra filters which add more fun to this fun game. This pro version also offers a 3-day free trial to enjoy the premium-features before spending on the FaceApp Pro. Face app APK mode is available for the pro version to get paid features for free! You can swap genders, change age, look for AI’s pic for your style, add tattoos, and have more portrait editing fun.

A Quick Guide to FaceApp Old Face

  1. Download FaceApp to your smartphone and open the app.
  2. Use the app’s camera feature to take a photo of yourself, or you can upload a portrait from your gallery.
  3. Scroll the app interface to the right and tap on ‘Age.’
  4. To change your face to an older version, select ‘Old.’ There are other options like ‘Original,’ ‘Young,’ ‘Young2’.
  5. You’ll grow old in a blink of a second as you tap on ‘Old.’
  6. Click on ‘Apply’ to confirm the changes.
  7. You can try out different layouts too, buy tapping on ‘Layouts.’ Select a layout and tap on the ‘Old’ icon to set the layout.
  8. Then you can share your future self-portrait in your social media platforms to enjoy amazing comments and feedback from your friends.
how to use face aging app
how to use face aging app
how to use face aging app
how to use face aging app


This face changer app is going viral from time to time with its new filters and features. And also, celebrities uploading their FaceApp-ed photos all of a sudden in their social media accounts make a face aging app famous. With advanced neural portrait editing technology, the FacsApp is an excellent way to see into your future. The FaceApp Pro version comes with a monthly, annual subscription, or lifetime license. The latest 4.0.4 version for iPhones has a photo and video editor to make videos as well. This new version will surely flood social media again. Last but not least, note that there is an auto-subscription renewal for Pro version.

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