Don’t use the Seesaw Class app! You must use the Class app….!!! A mixed opinion from the users causes doubts, while the teachers insist the app to be the best.

In such a case, what should you do? How can the Seesaw be helpful for you?

The time is to stop worrying. We will review the app to help you know how helpful the digital portfolio can be. Let’s find what we have got for you about the app.

Seesaw Class App: Full Review

The Seesaw app has got a lot of fame as a top-ranking Educational app. So, to review the app, we will first have an insight into how the app works.

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Portfolio and Activity sharing with Seesaw

The Class app download allows you to share insight into the student activity. It’s essential to dig deep into how the app works to analyze the app.

  • The teacher uploads the homework assignments on the app and allows the students to access them to solve. The teacher can also instruct the students about the activity through voice notes or video.

Similarly, the teacher can also share the last-minute notifications with the parents. There are some other features of the app for particular uses, yet teachers can turn them off.

  • The students can solve their homework after receiving their Seesaw app student portfolio. The app offers a variety of ways to solve and share the activity.

The learners can solve the activity on their device using various tools like drawing and text. The most exciting part is the text tools that allow the text format options.

If a learner wants to solve the activity after printing it, he can also upload the photo or video of his printed and solved homework.

  • The parent can see inside the portfolio of their kid to track the past performances. They can receive the notifications, download or upload the student activities to share with the teacher, and get feedback.

Yet, the parents cannot comment on the teacher’s feedback, nor can they respond to the notifications they receive from the teacher. It is a big “WHY” here.

Therefore, you’ll also get answers to the “why” in our review.

6 Tips for Families Using the Seesaw Class App

6 Tips for Families Using the Seesaw Class App

Seesaw app Device Compatibility

The Seesaw app works with Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices. The best performance you can expect is with android and iOS devices.

While, with Fire tablet, there is a learning curve. Once you’ve understood the app with the device, you’ll have a smooth exercise.

So, I’ll advise you not to rush with your first experience. Instead, take time to see how the app will work with your Kindle device.

Mostly the kids love to solve the activity on the app instead of downloading and printing it. For this purpose, you need a device with the touch option.

Solving the assignment on a computer using a mouse can be more stressful. Similarly, the Chrome book compatibility is also under consideration by the developers.

Who can Control the App Features

Who is the authority? The Seesaw is a class app. Of course, the teacher is an authority in class.

The teachers direly need control because they have to manage so many students, assess their activities, share the feedback, and release the notification.

Thus, you can understand how tiresome it can be to turn on the other features. No busy mind can afford a device beeping or ringing every minute to tell about comment notifications.

Usually, the students think the app should allow them to share their activities with peers. The Blog feature is there, yet it’s the teacher who can turn it off.

Here the confusion arises when the parents think they need some control over sharing the responses. For this purpose, the parents can request the school to channel their need for communication.

Is the Seesaw Class app safe?

Yes, the Seesaw app for schools is safe. The teacher assigns a QR code or password which is specific to one student only. To ensure safety, the teacher can also change the code.

The Seesaw Classroom app has no Toggling Feature!!!

The app doesn’t have the toggling feature. So, log out from an account to log into another. 

The reason is, every 2nd school is using a seesaw app in school. Many times kids from the same family are not going to the same school because of various academic needs.

The app allows one user at one time until he logs out safely to maintain clarity. So, you can try to use various personalized devices costing just $$.

The Seesaw Classroom App Pricing.

The primary features of the app are free for students and teachers and will remain as well. However, to use the advanced features, you can switch to Seesaw Plus. The teacher can use the app free of cost, yet the Schools can bring the teachers a better interface by getting the Seesaw for School with advanced features.

The App Support System.

It’s common to encounter some unseen issues engaging the vast network of the teacher and students. Yet, good luck is the excellent support system that helps the users to solve the problems. Hence, you love the app, for the support team is always available to help you.

The Seesaw: a Class App, not a Social App

If you are a busy bee, you can understand how essential it is to check on the operations. At the same time, a wide variety of features limits the management for teachers. So, taking the app as activity sharing platform is a better idea. In contrast, if you propose that the blog or commenting should be “ON,” it can also become less motivational for the kids who continuously need improvement. You can imagine that open commenting can even lead to bullying. Thus, a good experience comes out of taking the app as a digitalized, assessable student portfolio.

Meaningful student engagement with Seesaw

Meaningful student engagement with Seesaw

To Download the Seesaw Class app, our Final Thoughts.

Some pretty issues with the bugs att affect the user experience are common to the Class app. However, the benefit you get is much more significant. During the quarantine, the app has proved its excellent utility without caring about time and place. So, you can also continue to experience the Seesaw Class app with the same ease. Your comfort of kid assignment communication is just a click away. Claim your download now….!!!

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